We’ve been waiting for someone as great as you to look our way. Did you attend one of our events on campus? Or perhaps, do you follow the CC snapchat? Either way, you must be a clever one to have ended up here. Just the kind of person we’re looking for to fill our summer jobs, hint, hint. Make our day and scroll down for more info.



The Campus Collective (CC) program is our student-focused hiring initiative, first launched in 2018. The CC program aims to connect CRUEL  with students, developing a community of Brand Ambassadors, Brand Leads, and Coordinators across Canada. This program is more than just finding people to work with us, we hope to foster a vibrant and social community of individuals at the start of their careers. CC is a great way for students to connect with each other on campus through our many events. Students can also engage with entertaining and relatable content posted our social platforms such as the CC Snapchat. We believe our Campus Collective program represents the future of our organization; we met every member of our core team through either our student-lifestyle platform or student-focused hiring initiatives and hope to continue doing so through CC.

Applications Open Early 2020

CRUEL is hiring Brand Ambassadors for summer 2020! We will be executing sampling campaigns for some of your favourite brands (they are your favourite brands, right?). We will be activating in a large variety of locations all over Canada, including many iconic events. Our Brand Ambassadors (BAs) will be positioned at these locations, creating positive brand impressions, through social interactions with consumers. This is a fast paced and social job so we’re looking for outgoing, keen and hardworking individuals who also ideally have an interest in Marketing. Basically, we need awesome people like you to rep our amazing clients.