Be The Meister Commercial (2017)

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We designed the strategy, branding, promotional elements, website, and video content for Jägermeister’s first influencer campaign in Canada.

Step One

The challenge we were presented with.

Jägermeister continues to move their brand away from a party beverage and towards a sophisticated liquor. Their new brand messaging is embodied through their global ‘Be The Meister’ campaign. A meister is an irreverent perfectionist, and a person who shows mastery of their craft in unique and exciting ways. The campaign was predominantly seen through TV advertisements, billboards, and online advertisements. The client wanted to enact a marketing piece that would make their messaging resonate in a more organic and relatable way. As top-down marketing had been employed over the months leading up to this push, Jägermeister wanted a more relatable way to reach out to their target market through an influencer program.

Step Two

Our response to the challenge we were presented with.

The solution was clear: to combine Jägermeisters pre-existing marketing push into a layered influencer campaign. The idea was to personify ‘the Meister’ by allowing people to quite literally become the Meister. This would make their new brand messaging more relatable, while leveraging micro-influence to garnish significant metrics.  The ‘Be The Meister’ influencer campaign represented a way to get real people to project the brands refreshed direction. This influencer campaign would comprise of a layer of paid influencers, as well as an outreach component where consumers could sign up to become a Meister.

Step Three

How we executed our campaign objectives.

Next, it was our job to represent ‘the Meister’ through a content package that included a video, website, customized t-shirts, and supporting graphics.

The first hurdle came with the video production. We needed to represent the personification of a Meister, which meant finding people with contrasting, yet specific talents. We identified the profiles that we thought would be the most relevant towards this marketing campaign: bartender, musician, producer, and fashion designer. Not only did we need to cast the video, but it was important to capture these people in a location that matched their skill.

Secondly, we needed to fit our content package into Jägermeister’s existing campaign, while still allowing for the personal connection necessary to encourage signups. We designed the package based on the client’s stringent brand guidelines, but focused on user-generated content and our previously mentioned flagship video.

Thirdly, we needed to design t-shirts that could be distributed to our batch of influencers. It was important that the shirts were wearable, outside of just representing the Jägermeister brand. The world of bars and clubs is littered with horrible promo t-shirts, and we wanted to create something that displayed more style. Using traditional design motifs, as well as influence from some of the world’s top brands, we were able to create multiple styles.