CannaConnect Masters Activation Recap Video (2017)

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We executed the first Cannabis experiential activation of its kind in downtown Toronto in collaboration with one of our partner agencies, Front Row Centre. CRUEL curated the ambassador team as well as executed media capture for the activation, driving traffic to Canada’s first medicinal cannabis clinic.

Step One

The challenge we were presented with.

CannaConnect is Canada’s leading platform for assisting Canadians with their medicinal needs. The business does not retail any cannabis products, but acts as a conduit for Canadians to connect with licensed producers in a medicinal context. Additionally, CannaConnect launched Canada’s first brick-and-mortar medicinal cannabis clinic in Toronto’s financial district. The client wanted to execute a consumer outreach initiative in conjunction with the launch of the clinic.

Step Two

Our response to the challenge we were presented with.

Working with Front Row Centre Inc., one of our agency partners, we knew that we needed to execute an activation that was nuanced and intriguing. Although the cannabis market has achieved a level of legitimacy, we also knew that we would run into skepticism about the legality and positioning of the CannaConnect brand. CannaConnect identifies business professionals between late 20’s and early 60’s as their target market, seen in their placement of their brick-and-mortar within Toronto’s financial district.

CannaConnect saw an opportunity to use golf as a marketing tool for the campaign, and the activation schedule coincided with the Masters golf tournament – the premier tournament on the PGA tour schedule. We outfitted our brand ambassadors with the iconic Masters golf caddy uniforms, with the theme of the campaign being to help consumers ‘hit the green’. We distributed branded golf tees, divot tools, and golf balls along with promotional materials for CannaConnect that resembled a golf score sheet. Our team circulated the brick-and-mortar location, providing coverage in the entire financial district.  

Step Three

How we executed our campaign objectives.

The activation took place over two weeks in early April. We had our brand ambassador team drive over to the financial district in the morning in the branded CannaConnect vehicles, and throughout the day the BA’s would approach potential consumers with our golf-angled resources. Our team distributed over 5000 score-card flyers, 3000 golf tees, 500 golf balls, and 200 divot tools over the activation period.