We organized a free live show with Tokyo Police Club for National Caesar Day at Danforth Music Hall. The event had 1000+ attendees, and provided exposure for Mott’s Clamato.

Step One

The challenge we were presented with.

Mott’s Clamato launched their National Caesar Day campaign for the first time in 2016. Although a success in its first year, the client wanted the 2017 package to include a flagship live event, as well as increased connection with the coveted LDA-30 segment.

Step Two

Our response to the challenge we were presented with.

We wanted to put together an event that was representative of the Mott’s Clamato brand, but also highly relatable towards young people. This was tricky, considering the wide target demographic for Caesar’s in Canada. We knew that we had to pull off something noteworthy, however staying within the boundaries of National Caesar Day posed a problem.

We decided that pairing a Canadian band of international repute with one of Toronto’s most sought-after and organic venues was the way to go. Not only that, but we wanted to make the tickets free for attendees to boost overall online engagement surrounding the event. We booked Tokyo Police Club, and rented the Danforth Music Hall for a fully-immersive show that included naming rights for National Caesar Day, projections throughout the venue, and a free Caesar for each attendee upon entrance. This concert was then live-streamed across the country, as an additional promotional element for National Caesar Day.

Step Three

How we executed our campaign objectives.

Following a short PR campaign distributing the key messaging of the event, consumers were given the opportunity to apply for free tickets online. Within 15 minutes of releasing our application portal, we had received double the applicants as we had space in the venue. The event ended up having over 1000 attendees.

The event garnished attention across the country – the brand association with Tokyo Police Club was crucial in this regard. Had the show not included top-level talent, we don’t believe it would have gotten the same level of traction. Mott’s Clamato was also afforded the opportunity to invite their vendors, suppliers, and partners to the event. This provided a great opportunity to showcase the Mott’s Clamato brand in a tangible way.