The enjoyment of working among friends inspires the creative ideas that power our work—vice-versa—the ideas which go into our work inspire the joy of working among friends. Call it youthful exuberance—a modern way of working—or maybe, real-life. By considering all of our various opinions, and creating new arenas for simple, open discourse (about diversity, well-being, lifestyle, and culture), the real-life energy in our room manifests a tangible positive effect in our work; that which makes us uniquely CRUEL. Our People-first approach focuses on shared values and beliefs to create a strong foundation for collaboration. We believe when people are connected to brands or campaigns—with greater purpose and meaning, then, collaboration, sharing innovative ideas, and discussing deep-rooted issues becomes less restrained; more friendly, fun, and creative (that’s a better place to work).

Karl Bechmann

Managing Director and Co-founder

Hannah Korbee

Office Manager

Julia Cherry

Account Manager

Yara Bourgi

Art Director

Rachael Wilson


Schuyler Mota

President and Co-founder

Mac Siwocha

Studio Director

James Nahhas

Principal Designer

Danielle Bablich

Vice President

Justin Nahhas

Art Director

Bella Randazzo


Domenic Lisi

Creative Director

Grier Drummond

Project Manager