The enjoyment of working among friends inspires the creative ideas that power our work—vice-versa—the ideas which go into our work inspire the joy of working among friends. Call it youthful exuberance—a modern way of working—or maybe, real-life. By considering all of our various opinions, and creating new arenas for simple, open discourse (about diversity, well-being, lifestyle, and culture), the real-life energy in our room manifests a tangible positive effect in our work; that which makes us uniquely CRUEL. Our People-first approach focuses on shared values and beliefs to create a strong foundation for collaboration. We believe when people are connected to brands or campaigns—with greater purpose and meaning, then, collaboration, sharing innovative ideas, and discussing deep-rooted issues becomes less restrained; more friendly, fun, and creative (that’s a better place to work).

Danielle Bablich

Vice President

Domenic Lisi

Creative Director

Hannah Korbee

Office Manager

Julia Cherry

Account Manager

Yara Bourgi

Art Director

Bella Randazzo


James Nahhas

Principal Designer

Mac Siwocha

Studio Director

Grier Drummond

Project Manager

Schuyler Mota

President and Co-founder

Rachael Wilson


Karl Bechmann

Managing Director and Co-founder

Justin Nahhas

Art Director