The concept of CRUEL will never be lucid; straightforward and rational, but never one-dimensional. Offering a variety of services, without limiting ourselves to the services we currently offer—because our aspirations are growing.  CRUEL is the running total of experiences shared between those who make its company. Like an oak table absorbing residues on its surface, stained of spilled wine, dented by stoneware bowls, and bruised by the heat of a torch; alive, the table will continue to change and as a patina develops over time it adds to its beauty. Even if the person creating the table had imagined it, they would never have been able to predict its finish, how it would transform, or be used within its environment—mere hope that it resists losing being as it continues to serve its function. Much like the person creating the table we know little of what CRUEL might be, after all—we do more than sit at a table.


CRUEL exists to simplify marketing chaos into tangible goodness; using creative strategies, positive messaging, and shared social values.


CRUEL will achieve something meaningful and rewarding for consumers, through ideas which move them to action.

CRUEL’s values-based approach to collaboration can solve some of the inherent challenges in the client-agency relationship and workflow; or when teams from different organizations are working together. By focusing on similarity of values, our team functions more fluidly when working with collaborators and other teams, creating deeper connections with our clients, and the brand, and allowing shared values to take precedence in our group's attitudes. As a result, our relationships increase in effectiveness over time as the entire client-agency group learns more about each other’s similar values, strengthening the quality of our client-service, and making new friends in the process.